The Gear I use to create my images
For the past 30 odd years I have used Nikon cameras to create all of my general images. I will not have a word said against Nikon, they are superb machines. I have no experience of Canon so I can not / will not comment on Canon Gear other than to say I believe Canon to be just as capable. Yes I know that there are other Marques out there, but until recently it was Nikon or Canon the weapon of choice for professional photographers. However a couple or so years ago I felt my photography was getting a little stale so I started looking around for something to inspire me again. It was about this time that I discovered the Fuji XT camera systems. I purchased an XT1 initially, but was a bit sceptical about the cropped sensors ability to produce anything worth using image wise. How wrong I was. The sensor was only 16 MPX, but the image quality was astounding. The colour and sharpness was equal to anything I had seen produced by my Nikon D800.

After a year or two I was looking for a camera system with a bigger Sensor and increased MPX count. It was at this point that I took the plunge and invested in the Fuji GFX medium format system and bought a used GFX50s. What a brilliant piece of kit this is. I only have two lenses for it the 32-64mm and 100-200mm, but quite honestly iI don't need any other lenses. The image quality is astounding, I would love a GFX 100 , but I would need to invest in a new computer system as well to cope with the file size. I am more than happy with the 50mpx files I am now getting.