18th. February 2021

Hi everyone,
well I have made a few changes to the site recently. I hope to publish blogs more often than I have done lately. I did promise some time ago that I would post some details and images about me building the solar generator/power box. I have not forgotten, but I have been a little busy with other projects. Well hopefully by summertime we will be able to get out and about a bit more freely than we have been able to due to the pandemic. It hardly seems possible to hold a conversation or write anything without reference to the virus these days. I have had a sort out of kit recently. I have moved on a couple of lenses I was no longer using and I have bought a couple of new ones which I hope will make my Landscape Photography easier.


Solar Generator


Some time ago I mentioned that I was building a solar generator and that I would provide some images and a backstory to why I was building it. I came to realise that I had more camera batteries in my bag than ever before. It was becoming obvious to me that I needed a resilient system for recharging them. After some research I decided to build a DIY solar generator, sometimes known as a Battery/Power box. I sourced a case and a suitable 12volt leisure battery via Ebay. The battery is a 50ah capacity and fits in the case perfect. I then obtained a 20amp solar charge controller which I connect a 28watt solar panel that I have owned for years. This panel may be upgraded to a larger capacity one if and when necessary. I then bought 12volt USB3 connectors and 12volt power outlets. I then engineered outlets for a 400 watt inverter to connected when required and all is well.