A new venture for post Covid Lockdown
Peter at Work

26th. November 2020

Hello everyone. I have just commenced revamping my website. I felt that the site was a little too cramped as it was before. Well I have just taken delivery of my print profiling kit and I must say it all looks a little daunting, but trial and perseverance will get me the results I am looking for in my prints.


29th. December 2020

Well, I hope you all had a good Christmas and are all safe and well. Whilst i was taking some time off over Christmas I commenced a new build project for my Landscape Photography adventures. I have started to build a Solar Generator. It comprises of a Dewalt Poly Carbon tool box as a starter. I chose this type of box because it allows you drill holes in the carcase without splitting or cracking. I have bought a 12v 50ah Leisure battery and numerous fittings including multiple 12v USB charge outlets. I went for the smaller ah battery because it fits in the case perfectly. I already posses an inverter and a small 28 watt solar panel which should keep up the charge rate on a good sunny day. There are commercial solar generators on the market, but the problem with the commercially built versions is the battery. If the battery fails you can not get at it to replace it, whereas if this battery fails after a couple of years I just replace the battery. I had become aware that I was recharging a lot of camera batteries just recently so this solution should solve that. When I have completed the build I will upload some images of it. May I take this opportunity to wish you all a Very Happy and Healthy New year!